A little over 2 years ago I decided to start using healthier foods and products in my home. After noticing a significant improvement in my pre teen sons behaviors and moods I really dove in completely. Our family is as chemical and dye free as we can be and it’s very important to us to stay that way. Finding Scents by Stacey and her amazing candles has been a huge blessing for me and my family. We want to be healthy but we also love a good candle. Stacey also knows the dangers of the chemicals that are in those ”other” candles and goes above and beyond to provide a better healthier safer product. The scents are absolutely amazing. The prices are reasonable. Stacey and her candles participate in fundraising for a variety of local organizations as well! If shopping local is important to you as it is to me Scents by Stacey will not disappoint! The ONLY thing I’ve found better than her candles are Stacey herself! Stacey is a beautiful big hearted human that you will love immediately. You’ll never need another candle brand again nor will you ever meet a better soul.