Top quality and safe ingredient candles.

We first ran into Stacey at Seven Springs several years ago for Autumnfest. My wife always had candles going as long as we’ve know each other. Stacey’s clever and humorous scent names drew my wife in. We were not disappointed. Despite us… Read more “Top quality and safe ingredient candles.”

Jason and Alyson

Extensive variety is truly impressive.

Once you experience the incredible quality of Stacey’s candles, you’ll never consider purchasing from any other brand. The extensive variety is truly impressive, offering a wonderful scent without being overwhelming. These candles are known for their even burn and long-lasting fragrance. The… Read more “Extensive variety is truly impressive.”


Best candles I have ever smelled!

Scents by Stacey are hands down the best candles I have ever smelled! The rotation of scents gives you a new flavor for every season. Whether relaxing and winding down for night or ”heating it up”, there’s a scent for that too!… Read more “Best candles I have ever smelled!”


Candles are pretty & long burning.

I am a longstanding client of Scents by Stacey. I enjoy the burning of candles in my spaces and fancy the smells that encourage peace and calm in my home. With so many options in the market, I stick with Stacey’s candles… Read more “Candles are pretty & long burning.”


Scents are absolutely amazing.

A little over 2 years ago I decided to start using healthier foods and products in my home. After noticing a significant improvement in my pre teen sons behaviors and moods I really dove in completely. Our family is as chemical and… Read more “Scents are absolutely amazing.”


You will not be disappointed!

Stacey’s Candles are the only candles I burn in my home … I have been buying her candles since she started her business. Some may regard me as a candle snob! HAH! That’s fine because I am very picky about my candles… Read more “You will not be disappointed!”